Comprehensive Security Training (CST) Program - WIOA Approved 

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The Comprehensive Security Training (CST) Course is a 104 hours security course. This 12 day program focuses on providing the most realistic and practical fundamental base for entry-level candidates in the security field. All of our training is designed to be an attainable step-by-step process to develop a confident understanding of each topic through classroom and practical exercises. The CST program is ideal for individuals wishing to break into the static security industry by receiving the training and certificates in numerous high end security and security related courses.

Classes Included:

  • CA BSIS Guard Card. Read More

    This security training course is the first step in working in a security career. Our course is certified through California’s Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS) and is AB2880- compliant. You will receive state certification as a security officer.

  • Students practicing security training techniques with our instructor
  • CA BSIS Exposed Firearms Permit (FA 1, 2) Read More

    State Certification for an exposed firearm permit. Even if you are licensed or registered in the security field, you may not carry a gun on duty whether loaded or unloaded unless you have been issued an exposed firearm permit by the Department of Consumer Affairs. Permit must be kept on your person at all times while on duty.

  • CA BSIS Baton Permit Read More

    The course teaches the skills and abilities to effectively carry a baton. PWA instructors give hands-on training and experience with a baton. You will recieve California Baton Permit issued by BSIS and ASC Certificate of Completion

  • Arrest and Control Read More

    An introductory course into arrest and control. This course covers the basics of conflict management, handcuffing, and controlling a suspect while in the performance of duties as a security guard.

  • CPR AHA Read More

    Learn the skills and abilities to effectively give life-saving CPR techniques as a first responder. During the course an AHA Instructor works with each student to complete their first aid, CPR and AED skills practice and testing.

  • ‘Taser’ Read More

    A security training course that teaches you how to utilize a Taser as a non-lethal method of self- defense. Curriculum is broken into three sections: lecture, demonstration and scenario method.

  • Sexual Harassment Read More

    This course covers Federal and California Laws regarding the prevention of sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation in employment.

  • Chemical Agents Read More

    Get certified for OC/pepper spray. Learn the skills to effectively carry a chemical agent. Get hands-on training and experience with chemical agents.

  • School Security Guard SB1626 Read More

    With the passage of SB 1626 in 1998, state law requires security guards in Kindergarten through 12th grade (K-12) school districts or California community college districts to complete a course of training developed by the Bureau of Security and Investigative Services (BSIS). The law applies to campus security personnel working on school property for more than 20 hours per week.

  • Job Placement/ Resume Writing Read More

    Upon completion of this course, students will walk out of the classroom with a completed and revised professional resume and able to walk into an interview confidently. The course uses hands-on practice through mock interviews in addition to physical resume writing in an interactive and productive setting.

  • Duration: 104 hours

    Course Cost: $1,950.00

    * Cost includes all supplies, fingerprinting and application fees

    ** Mandatory applications and background checks are processed by the state to determine certification approval. Before signing up for the 12-day course, applicants should call to see if they meet the state’s requirements.

    *** Participants are encouraged to bring their own handguns.

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